The projects aims to facilitate the widespread propagation of the spekboom wonder plant,
we believe this will have a lasting positive impact on our environment.

Planted: 159

Goal: 240

Our Touch Points

We hope to effectively plant more spekboom in our community by targeting specific touch points

Social Media

Through effective digital and online marketing The Spekboom Project aims to educate the public on the benefits of growing the Spekboom plant.

Corporate Climate Change Responsibility

In order for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint they can invest in programs that facillitate the propagation of the spekboom. In acknowledgment of their efforts in making a change, businesses will be credited with a certificate and featured online by The Spekboom Project.

Grower Network

Establishing a grower network with individuals who own mature Spekboom plants. This initiative will allow for an increased rate of Spekboom propagation. It will also enable employment creation as a growing network will enable economies of scale.


Making the Spekboom wonder plant more widely accessible.

Why the Spekboom?